Meet Rauha Shoopala

Individual Travel Consultant | Terra Nova Namibia


I was born in Lubango, Angola, and raised in many different parts of Namibia, which is how my passion for travel started.

I studied Environmental Studies and Tourism Management at the University of Namibia and in my final year I started working for a tour operator. I was then offered the opportunity to be a Namibian representative in Orlando Florida where my duties included marketing wildlife and nature conservation in Namibia and Africa as a whole. After my return to Namibia, and a short stint as an airline reservation agent, I started working at Terra nova.

I love my job because it allows me to explore different parts of my beautiful country, whether I am in the office or on tour. I get to see the beauty of our country through the eyes of our clients and I am proud to market our vast wildlife, nature and culture to people all over the world.